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H Type Layer Chicken Cage System

H type Battery layer chicken cage is Chicken layer cage refer to the galvanized metallic or wire cages used in rearing ca large number of chicken cages within a very small area. And the equipment used in the poultry farm layer house.
About H type layer chicken cage system
The H Frame Layer Battery Cage System can be from 3--8 tiers according to customer’s chicken house height . The surface of the system treatment is hot dipped galvanized ,We can control the cage system quality standard because We has our own wire drawing production line to produce the cage wires ,also has the automatic cage mesh welding ,cutting, bending or Galvanization production line in factory. it has scientific design and effecient working process, also with solid structure, thorough installation. service. this system is very popular in close house for large scale poultry farm all over the world.

H type battery layer chicken cage system feature
1.H Type Layer Chicken Cage is very popular in close house for large scale poultry farm all over the world.
2.High raising density,which can reduce land cost.
3.Highly automatic system,It's easy to operate and maintain the equipment.
4.3,4,5,6,7,8 Tiers
5. Q235 hot dipped galvanized anti-corrosion
6.Fully automatic,energy cost saved
7.Full System Including Cage Body,Cage Frame,Feeders,automatic drinking system,on-rail hopper feeding system,manure removal stystem,egg collection system,Ventilation System etc

H type layer chicken cage system main technical parameters:

Category Dimension Maximum   load Capacity Service   life
Tiered brood cage 1.95*0.5*0.35m         350kgs 100-120         7-15 years
Egg chicken cage 1.95*0.38*0.36*0.345m 90-128
Broiler cage 1.45*0.38*0.35*1.4m 96

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