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Aninal Feed Production Line,Fish feed mill plant

The prosperous breeding industry means the intensive production of animal feed pellets. Lima Machinery are dedicated to offerring feed pellet production solurions, so we developed the feed pellet production line that can be applied to make various pellet feed for poultry animals, livestock animlas as well as aquztic animals, such as rabbits, ducks, cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, pigeons, fishes and shrimp. And the peoduction capacity is adjutable based on your production requests.

fish feed production line

Highlights of Our Animal Feed Production Plant
1. Customized production capacity as required to meet different scale animal farms and feed processing plants.
2. Wide application for producing various pellet feed for poultry, livestock, and aquatic animals.
3. Various pellet sizes for different animals.
4. Able to processing many kinds of raw materials into feed pellets.
5. Automatic PLC control system for the whole production line.
6. Environment-friendly production with no any waste water and exhaust gas during the production process.

Equipment Related to Complete Feed Pellet Production Line
Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

fish feed production line

Fish feed mill plant more details
Raw materials: Plant protein comes from corn, rice, wheat, soybean, peanut cake powder, etc; Animal protein is from fish meal, shrimp meal, crab meal, sleeve-fish meal and so on you can add other ingredient according to requirements and eating habits of animals.

How to produce fish food or other animal food?
The processes of this fish feed manufacturing plant mainly include material grinding, material mixing, pellets extruding, pellets drying, and pellets packing.
1.Material grinding - feed hammer mill- feedstuff grinding
The raw materials should be grinded to the required size by feed grinder. Crushing the material can improve the water stability and digestibility of feed pellet.
2.feed mixing - use feed mixer
Mixing the material thoroughly can ensure extruding efficiency and improve the feed quality. Horizontal ribbon feed mixer or double-shaft mixer or feed ribbon type mixer.double-shaft efficient mixer can be applied to mixing powdery, granular, flaky and blocky materials while feed ribbon type mixer is mostly used for mixing powdery materials.
3.Fish food extruding- floating feed pellet extruder
Dry type fish feed machine and wet type feed machine. The wet type extruder has the conditioner and need a steam boiler, while the dry type fish feed machine does not need. The former is suitable for large fish feed pellet plant, while the latter is better for small and medium feed pellet user or fish feed pellet production plant.
4.Fish feed pellets drying- feed pellet dryer
Belt dryer. We provide multi-layer mesh belt feed pellet dryer for drying the pellet coming out of the fish feed machine. The pellets are spread evenly on a wire mesh belt conveyor and conveyed within the dryer. Hot air passes through the pellets and brings away the moisture.
5.Fish feed pellets cooling
Fish feed pellets cooling is reduce the temperature of food.
6.Fish feed pellets packing - pellet paking -electronic packing machine
The fish feed pellets packing machine consists of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic control box. It can weigh the pellets fast and precisely. Simple structure, reliable operation.

Animal feed pellet production line technical data

Model Capacity Power Pellet Size Dimension
LIMA-KLJ100 100kg/h 3kw 4-6mm 1.15*0.3*0.55m
LIMA-KLJ300 300kg/h 7.5kw 4-6mm 1.26*0.4*0.65m
LIMA-KLJ500 500kg/h 11kw 4-6mm 1.3*0.5*0.85m
LIMA-KLJ700 700kg/h 15kw 4-6mm 1.4*0.6*1m
LIMA-KLJ800 800kg/h 22kw 4-8mm 1.7*0.6*1.1m
LIMA-KLJ1000 1000kg/h 30kw 4-8mm 1.86*0.67*1.6m
LIMA-KLJ4000 4000kg/h 117kw 4-12mm 3.12*1.05*2.92m

fish feed production line

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