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Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

As one of professional egg tray making machine supplier or exporter, we mainly produce paper egg tray making machine or production line. The egg tray making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. It can make egg box, paper egg tay,fruit tray, industrial tray and so on.


About Egg Tray Making Machine
1. Pulp molding system: Hydraulic pulper, High-frequency vibration sieve frame, Pulp pump, Strengthening of self-priming pump, Agitator, Control cabinet of pulping system
2. Forming system: Rotary forming machine, Molds, Vacuum pump, Screw Air Compressor, Vacuum buffer tank, Air compressor storage tank, White Water pump, High-pressure water pump, Refiner machine, Power cabinet of forming system
3. Drying system: Conveyor, Blower, Induced fan, Burner, Bellows, etc
4. Packing system: Packing machine

Egg tray making machine technical data

Model Mold   (pcs) Power   (KW) Voltage Capacity   (pcs/H)
LIMA-800 3-4 25 220V/380V 800-100
LIMA-2000 16 33 220V/380V 2000-2400
LIMA-4000 32 45 220V/380V 4000-5000
LIMA-5000 40 55 220V/380V 5000-6000
LIMA-6000 60 80 220V/380V 6000-7000

Manufacturing process or Paper egg tray making machine
Raw material: waste paper, which can help you save cost.This mainly producing the pulp molded products,such as egg tray ,egg box, fruit tray,coffee tray. Material for the molded pulp products is waste paper,corrugated paper,waste newspaper,magazine.
Make use of recycled water and waste paper. No water or air pollution.
Egg Tray Production Line crush raw material to pulp. Then pulp is absorbed by vacuum to form products. It will be dried in drying line.
After shredding, they easily decompose, even if they are discarded into a natural environment.
Finished products can be recycled after being used in storage, transport, and sales.
Four main parts : pulp system , forming system , drying system or stacking unit.

Benefits of Paper egg tray making machine
1. High automation, low labor cost
2. Low production cost
3. Energy saving(by 30%-50% compared with other manufacture)
4. Water saving(complete water treatment system equipped)
5. Efficient Multilayer dryer, saving space(by 33% compared with traditional dryer)
6. Stable final product quality(same weight, same dimention, strong and good look)

Paper egg tray making machine can use the fuel can be coal,natural gas,diesel,wood in accordance with the customers' drawings.

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