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Chaff cutter

Chaff cutter function
Our machine is widely used for cutting fresh (dry) grass, fresh (dry) corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, stalks, other crops straw and etc. The front materials processed in our machine could be used in breeding cattle, sheep, deer, horses, rabbit, etc.. What is more, the processing of cotton stalks, twigs, bark, alsl could be used in straw power generation, extraction of ethanol, making paper, plywood and other industries.


Chaff cutter features
1. It is suitable for home use, small and middle size farm.
2. It can save labor and time.
3. Very easy operation and high efficiency.

Chaff cutter main specifications

Model Matched power Cutting length Capacity Number of cutters Weight
KW (mm) KG/H pc KG
LM-052 2.2 2-80 800-1000 4 30
LM-053 3 2-80 1500-3000 3 120
LM-054 5.5 2-80 4000-5000 3 300
LM-055 11 2-80 7000-8000 3 660
LM-056 15 2-80 8000-10000 3 980

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